Finding Quality Diamonds in Miami

Diamonds in Miami

For those looking to buy loose diamonds in Miami, Elan Fine Jewelry is the number one place to start. Miami is one of the fastest rising cities in the world, becoming a fashion Mecca to rival New York and Paris, so it is natural that diamond buyers should look here first. In fact the Miami jewelry district is the USA’s third largest after Beverly Hills and New York City.

However, when you first start looking for diamonds in Miami and arrive in the city’s jewelry center for the first time, you may well be overwhelmed at the vast selection stretching out before you and feel you don’t know where to start. Before trying to make a choice, it is advisable to know something about how to buy diamonds. How do you distinguish a diamond of real quality from a cheap bauble?

The main factors to look for in buying diamonds in Miami, whether loose diamonds or set pieces, are known as the 4 Cs — color, carat, clarity and cut. Cut is the only factor that is not determined by nature, and it affects not the shape of the diamond but its beauty and sparkle. The more skilled the cutting, the more of its fire and radiance will be released. The carat weight is the measure of the diamond’s size and density, one carat equaling 100 points. You will get better value for your diamond bracelet or diamond earrings if you buy diamonds that weigh 0.90 points rather than a full 1 carat, or 1.90 rather than 2 carats.

Color grades range from completely colorless — D — to light yellow — Z. Colorless is the ideal, but at the other end of the scale there are the fancy colors, which are as rare as colorless stones. Clarity has to do with the presence or absence of inclusions, or microscopic organisms, that formed in the stone as it crystallized over millions of years. A truly flawless diamond is rare, but if the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, they will not affect the beauty of your engagement ring.

Buy diamond in MiamiOne way to buy diamonds — whether loose diamonds, diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet — with peace of mind is look for certified diamonds. Certified diamonds come with grading reports that are guaranteed by accredited gemological laboratories, primarily AGS (American Gem Society) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). There is not necessarily any difference in quality between non-certified and certified diamond rings, but this way you do have the tangible assurance about what you are buying. In addition, having certified diamonds means you can keep the certificate in case you need a further appraisal in the future.

When looking for diamonds in Miami, you will be spoilt for choice, whether you are going for an engagement ring, a diamond bracelet or diamond earrings. However, if you choose to buy loose diamonds and have your diamond rings or diamond earrings made up, the Miami center is really ideal, as the retailers are surrounded by gem setters, gold dealers and diamond cutters. You can have as much help as you need in making up a unique engagement ring or diamond bracelet from your loose diamonds — one which is exactly right for you and your partner.

Buying an engagement ring is of course a particularly important event, being so full of emotional significance. Your priority should not be its investment value, but the extent to which it expresses your love. Remember that there is no need to go for the absolute flawless clarity grade for diamond rings. In all the grades down to SI (small inclusion) nobody will see any difference. Go for the cut which gives the most beautiful sparkle.

Buying a diamond bracelet is also a very emotion-laden purchase. Apart from diamond quality, the diamond shape and the settings are the most important aspects to consider. Different shapes, such as round, marquis, princess, pear and oblong, have different numbers of facets, and the more facets, the more sparkle. You can have a prong setting or a channel setting — the channel setting allows more facet exposure, and thus provides more sparkle. Diamond earrings are the second most popular purchase after diamond rings, and make an incredible gift. The styles can be hoop, chandelier or stud, stud diamond earrings being the most popular. They are truly elegant and eternally classic.

Literally millions of people flock every year to buy Miami diamonds for the significant individuals in their lives. If you are joining them for the first time, do not be overwhelmed by the vast choice on offer. Do your homework on how to buy diamonds, find a reputable and established diamond Miami dealer, and you will find gifts that will give delight for years to come — or forever.

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