Custom Jewelry Design

Jewelry is always beautiful, but even we admit at times a stunning piece is still missing something. A broach or ear ring or bracelet that was created directly from the heart and inspiration of a beautiful soul – yours – will bring your loved one joy each time they wear it. It may be a cultural or spiritual symbol, a design shape that returns a memory from a shared experience, or a color that is special to the person. There is no better way to show how much you know your loved one than with a custom jewelry piece.

What Kind of Custom Jewelry Do We Design?

We design engagement and wedding rings that suit your personality and that of your partner. We will help you choose the right gems, settings, design and style to ensure that everything is up to your standard and creativity. We also design necklaces, bracelets, pins and more. We want that you truly identify with your custom jewelry piece, that’s why you are involved every step of the way.

We spend the time with you to help uncover what will make your custom piece special to you or your recipient. Quite simply, you will get what you want. Once your unique piece is complete, you will have something that is truly significant and feels like a new member of the family.

We Give You Expert Advice

You bring the imagination and vision. We give you the expert opinion so that together we create that special jewelry piece in your life. We will walk you through what we are doing at each level in the process from conception to completion. What we need from you is your inspiration and approvals along the way. After all, with your involvement we can ensure this piece will be unlike any other accessory in your collection, or your partner’s.

Custom jewelry design in Miami is one of our specialties. Let us make your gift even more special, whether it is for a holiday, for a special occasion, or just because.