Engraving in Miami

Jewelry Engraving in Miami

Jewelry engraving in Miami can mean the difference between a shiny ring and one that truly has the depth of sentimentality. Traditions like engraving the wedding date into the band to commemorate the event or an intimate message into a bracelet, are timeless and still among our most popular requests.

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Engrave?

At Elan Jewelry store, we can engrave all types of jewelry. Typical choices brought to us for custom messaging include rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, watches, and cufflinks.

It need not be bought from our store for master engraver Elan to inscribe your message, name or initials. You may bring your pre-bought piece to us and we will have a close look and talk about your options. At Elan Jewelry store we never recommend an engraving that would compromise or damage your fine jewelry.

What Kind of Jewelry Engraving in Miami Do You Do?

Though we do all kinds of engraving, perhaps our most popular option is letters. You can put names, initials, even sentences or lyrics permanently into your jewelry. Numbers engraving (including Roman numerals) is ideal if you want to commemorate the date of an event or birthday. We also offer special characters, like accents and certain symbols, to give you many options in choosing your message. Just tell us the words from your heart, we will inscribe them for eternity.

Is There A Character Limit ?

Depending on what type of piece you are engraving, there may be a character limit. We can only engrave in certain sizes and that means space is often at a premium. Although there may be a limit for rings and other small objects, the same limit is probably not going to apply to a pocket watch. As long as your message is reasonable in length we’ll do our best to make it fit. Jewelry engraving in Miami with master gemologist Elan makes your piece special.