Silver and Gold Buyer in Miami

Do you have items of gold and silver lying around that you simply do not use? Our silver and gold buyer in Miami can be of help. We will appraise all your fine jewelry and buy it for a fair rate. We are expert gemologists with over 20 years of experience and we can give you the best value for your precious metals.

If your jewelry is damaged, non-working, out of date, scratched or dulled from years of storage, it will not preclude us from assessing and purchasing. Bring it to us!

What Kind of Jewelry Do You Buy?

The only requirement that we have is the jewelry contains either silver or gold. We’re interested in rings, bracelets, earrings and even dental gold. Other accessories that we may be able to buy include coins, ingots, antique jewelry, and gold-filled pieces. You may also have flatware or silverware made of silver lying in storage. If you are not sure whether we buy it, please bring your piece to our boutique, or give us a call.

When it comes to gold and silver buying in Miami, we are the most accessible and flexible in South Florida.

What is the Gold/Silver Buying Process Like?

Selling your unwanted gold and silver is a simple process. Just bring your jewelry or other accessories of precious metal to us and we will give you an offer based on our fair appraisal that is in line with current market standards, oftentimes above. The exchange with cash payment can be immediate.

Gold and silver buying in Miami is straightforward with Elan Jewelry Store in Miami.