Jewelry Appraisal in Miami

Jewelry Appraisal in Miami

Getting a jewelry appraisal in Miami should not be a complicated nor expensive process. Maybe you need to attain the current value for insurance purposes. In fact, some insurance companies require that your jewelry be appraised once every three years. If you have expensive jewelry, you already know how important it is to know its most current value and feel comfortable that it’s secured and insured.

What Exactly is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a written estimate of your fine jewelry’s current market value by a qualified professional gemologist. There are many intricacies to consider when it comes to jewelry in the process of evaluating it, including the foundation metal, setting, stones, age, brand, etc. They are all taken into account when it is analyzed by our jewelry appraisal expert.

What Can I Expect From My Appraisal?

Getting your appraisal is a straightforward process at Elan Jewelry Store. We give you a price range via a telephone call based on your detailed description. But the preferred way of appraising is in person. Bring to our boutique your fine jewelry along with any documentation you may have and we will have an appraisal value to you in writing within one week.

What Affects the Value of My Jewelry?

There are many things that affect the value – and therefore the appraisal – of your jewelry. They include the types of gems, the karats of the precious metal and the craftsmanship, along with other important indicators of value known by our fine jewelry experts. We will explain with pleasure the process and criteria in detail upon your arrival to our fine jewelry boutique in Miami.

Gemologist Elan will personally appraise it. Whether you need to know for estate valuation purposes, insurance, or simply for peace of mind, we will fulfill your requirements. Put your jewelry appraisal needs into the hands of our expert.